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Remodel Your Home with Us

Purchasing or Selling, our remodeling service is for you! 

Getting a property ready to market for sale sometimes requires a few upgrades and a bit of a fix-up. After all, you do want to get a fair sale price!  

When you are thinking about purchasing and the home needs a few things to make it "just right" , is it easier to walk away and look for something that doesn't need anything - or compromise on a house that isn't what you truly love? 

In either case- don't settle - we can help! 

We will coordinate your projects. We know the contractors, we will connect you with the people to plan the work and be the on-site follow through for you during the process to get the job done. From switching flooring, interior decorating, to full kitchen renovations, getting a roof replaced or adding a garage, we will be there to see the work is completed and to your specifications. Interior or exterior work including landscaping, painting, stone wall work, lighting, and patios, we are here to help manage your projects. Our services include: 

  • Home Renovations
  • Staging
  • Interior Design
  • Landscaping

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