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Vermont Maple Syrup


Vermont has a long standing history and an incredible reputation for producing some of the best maple syrup in the world! Dating back to Native American tribes that lived here many moons before the Europeans arrived, the annual tradition of making this delicious, sweet concoction has endured the test of time.  Thanks to modern technology and innovative solutions, the process has improved quite a bit and become more streamlined and efficient.  This has allowed the industry to become incredibly successful and profitable, the State of Vermont alone producing over 2 million gallons annually, supplying maple syrup all over the globe.  Check out the Maple Syrup Makers Association website for more info.  


On a more local level, sugaring is a way of life for many farms and businesses in Vermont.  When we see the sugar houses in full swing with steam billowing out from rooftops and Sugar Maples tapped in front yards and farms alike, it's our first indication that winter is finally coming to a close!  The daffodils and tulips aren't far behind and the farmer's markets, such as The West River Farmers Market, will be opening up to sell some of this famous Vermont Maple Syrup we all love.  Here at Cobb Brook Farm, we make a point of buying local and incorporating ingredients like maple syrup into our cooking whenever we can.  


Of course, you can never go wrong pouring sweet deliciousness over pancakes and waffles, but if you're looking for some great dinner ideas we suggest you experiment with any one of these tried and true recipes we've included below.  Let us know which ones you like!  Enjoy!!


Sautéed Sea Scallops in Maple Bacon Cream Sauce over Angel Hair Pasta

Newfane Inn's Frosted Maple Soufflé

Everything Vermont Maple Syrup

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