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Vermont's Woods in Winter

Visitors love Vermont’s downhill skiing for its joyful exhilaration and physical challenge, but winter hiking can be a just as satisfying outdoor experience.  At first glance, the woods look bare without the leaves and flowers, but just take a walk on many of the state’s famous trails and soon you’ll notice subtle signs of life all around.  Rabbits, birds, minks, ermine, deer, foxes and more all all there; you just need to slow down and observe them.  

Winter hiking and snowshoeing trails are easy to find.  I love this app All Trails which has helped me discover many trails near my home that I never knew existed.  And if the snow is deep and you don’t have snowshoes, usually someone has snowshoed on the trail and left you solid footing that you can cover easily with regular hiking boots.

Southern Vermont is famous for its ski resorts: Stratton, Mt. Snow, Okemo, Magic and Killington are all great places to ski and snowboard.  But next time you’re in Vermont on a ski trip, think about trying cross country skiing, and you’ll experience a new way of seeing the woods.  You’ll hear brooks running; even if they’re frozen on top, there’s always a trickle of water flowing under the ice.  You’ll notice many animal tracks and signs of life from the birds who remain for the winter, especially woodpeckers who leave huge piles of wood chips as they pound away at dead trees looking for food.  Both Wild Wings and Viking Cross Country Center are wonderful places to cross country ski with their solitude and natural beauty.  

So if you're looking to broaden your experience with the Vermont lifestyle, keep in mind there’s much more to do in winter than downhill ski.   We're here to assist with almost any aspect of Vermont living, whether you're looking for a luxury home in a quiet setting or a getaway condo at one of our many resorts.




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