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Independence 2020

Independence Day 2020.For me there are a couple of impactful words in there. One being the independence part of it , the second being the 2020, like vision. 


I’m sitting in my garden right now listening to the birds chatter and several bumblebees on the huge sage plant that has huge bluish purple flowers. There are several goldfinches  capering  about the pear tree, Robins scouting for worms in the lawn and Tiger is on high alert for chipmunks...although he never seems to be able to catch any and they multiply like mad, much to my dismay. In the distance there’s some type of a woodpecker or sapsucker knocking on something, signaling. The sun is out after quite a bit of rain yesterday and  the yield from my garden center scouting yesterday sits ready to be planted. Today I have time. The whole day in fact. 


In the month since we launched our company and essentially became independent I’m not sure I’ve had a day to myself. I definitely have not taken a morning to sit here on my terrace, a space I created based on my love of all things that grow and of the outdoors, to take in the sounds and sights and just be still and at peace for a few minutes. I am coming to understand that independence requires 6 AM mornings at the computer and long arduous days of nonstop work! Not 1 second of which I regret. It has been a Marathon of the month, not the last that we will experience, yet one full of learning, discoveries, meeting new people, decision making and successes and some failures. All part of the joys of being independent and working Independently.


While my focus has not become singular, it feels so much more directed toward an end game. I still have my multiple irons in the fire as many of us do. My mother once cut out a quote for me that says “ I’m so busy , I don’t know if I found a rope or lost my horse”. That set me back a bit because I truly don’t want to be that person - the one that is too busy for clarity of purpose. With where we are now, independently working in our company , there is a goal, specific deeds to be accomplished, and a vision that guides us with purpose. It feels right and it feels good. And I can say it makes me genuinely happy. 


So enjoy your 4th of July Weekend, consider what makes you independent and what helps keep clarity in your focus. Be well !

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