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Welcome from Cummings & CO.

Welcome to our Blog! We are excited you have landed on our website and had the time to explore it. This is a brand new venture for us and we wanted to include a Blog so we could have a place to touch base with people on a more personal level through the website. 

We have a lot going on! We are launching the Real Estate Brokerage on June 1, 2020, and our new office in Windham will open that day. Agents are available to take listings, show and sell properties and discuss your real estate goals. We welcome texts, phone calls , emails and most especially, we would love to see you! Stop in at the office for a visit. 

Why, you may wonder. With the large firms out there and so much competition in the Real Estate Marketplace, particularly in this small area in Southern Vermont, why strike out on your own? Why take the risk? 

Well, we  believe that this is a time for individualized, personal  service. We have created a company with options and offerings that we feel will address buyers and sellers needs in a way that is contemporary and thoughtful, and a salute to the times we are currently living in. We like the idea of going back to the basics, looking people in the eye, a strong handshake and true transparency . 

And besides, we all need to shake things up, skate past our comfort zones and try something terrifying! The world needs a few more risk takers! 

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