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Independence 2020

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In the month since we launched our company and essentially became independent I’m not sure I’ve had a day to myself. I definitely have not taken a morning to sit here on my terrace, a space I created based on my love of all things that grow and of the outdoors, to take in the sounds and sights and just be still and at peace for a few minutes

Early Spring Garden

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As a gardener,  spring is the time of nurture and discovery. It is full of expectation, anticipation and joy. At times even some frustration creeps in. Spring in Vermont this year was a mix of many emotions, some quite [...]

Welcome from Cummings & CO.

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Welcome to our Blog! We are excited you have landed on our website and had the time to explore it. This is a brand new venture for us and we wanted to include a Blog so we could have a place to touch base with people on a more personal level through the [...]