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Vermont's Woods in Winter

Visitors love Vermont’s downhill skiing for its joyful exhilaration and physical challenge, but winter hiking can be just as satisfying outdoor experience.  At first glance, the woods look bare without the leaves and flowers, but just take a walk on many of the state’s famous [...]

Independence 2020

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In the month since we launched our company and essentially became independent I’m not sure I’ve had a day to myself. I definitely have not taken a morning to sit here on my terrace, a space I created based on my love of all things that grow and of the outdoors, to take in the sounds and sights and just be still and at peace for a few minutes

Early Spring Garden

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As a gardener,  spring is the time of nurture and discovery. It is full of expectation, anticipation and joy. At times even some frustration creeps in. Spring in Vermont this year was a mix of many emotions, some quite [...]

Welcome from Cummings & CO.

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Welcome to our Blog! We are excited you have landed on our website and had the time to explore it. This is a brand new venture for us and we wanted to include a Blog so we could have a place to touch base with people on a more personal level through the [...]