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Discover Our

Products & Services

We find ourselves at this new chapter in our story. We are entrepreneurs from varied walks of life who have joined forces with a commitment to redefining what it means to provide personalized service. Cummings & CO. is a boutique Real Estate firm in the midst of a box-store world. Our authentic approach to creating relationships, managing expectations, providing guidance, and sharing Vermont's unique lifestyle will refine the home buying and selling process to an art form.

What We’ve been up to!

Vermont's Woods in Winter01.17.2021

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Visitors love Vermont’s downhill skiing for its joyful exhilaration and physical challenge, but winter hiking can be just as satisfying outdoor [...]

Independence 2020 07.04.2020

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In the month since we launched our company and essentially became independent I’m not sure I’ve had a day to myself. I definitely have not [...]

Early Spring Garden05.29.2020

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As a gardener,  spring is the time of nurture and discovery. It is full of expectation, anticipation and joy. At times even some frustration [...]
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